What is Anomaly: Definition and 113 Discussions

In quantum physics an anomaly or quantum anomaly is the failure of a symmetry of a theory's classical action to be a symmetry of any regularization of the full quantum theory.
In classical physics, a classical anomaly is the failure of a symmetry to be restored in the limit in which the symmetry-breaking parameter goes to zero. Perhaps the first known anomaly was the dissipative anomaly in turbulence: time-reversibility remains broken (and energy dissipation rate finite) at the limit of vanishing viscosity.
In quantum theory, the first anomaly discovered was the Adler–Bell–Jackiw anomaly, wherein the axial vector current is conserved as a classical symmetry of electrodynamics, but is broken by the quantized theory. The relationship of this anomaly to the Atiyah–Singer index theorem was one of the celebrated achievements of the theory. Technically, an anomalous symmetry in a quantum theory is a symmetry of the action, but not of the measure, and so not of the partition function as a whole.

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  1. T

    Another Posting Anomaly *sometimes* links work

    It's a long explanation, see post https://www.physicsforums.com/posts/7058756, and the one immediately preceeding it.
  2. B

    I Solar anomaly and the Antikythera Mechanism

    I'm building a replica of the Antikythera Mechanism; a device that was conceived and manufactured around 50BC. it is an orrery and amongst other things it shows the motion of the five known planets, the sun and the moon when viewed from the earth. I've managed to calculate the motion of the...
  3. K

    I New anomaly observed in 12C X17

    there is a new paper this time on C12 [Submitted on 22 Sep 2022] New anomaly observed in 12C supports the existence and the vector character of the hypothetical X17 boson A.J. Krasznahorkay, A. Krasznahorkay, M. Begala, M. Csatlós, L. Csige, J. Gulyás, A. Krakó...
  4. M

    A Exploring Cabibbo Angle Anomaly: Modified Neutrino Couplings

    These days, most particle physics anomalies (meaning, observations suggesting beyond-standard-model physics) eventually disappear under closer scrutiny. This one caught my eye because it can be attributed to the neutrino sector, which we understand least and which therefore has the most room for...
  5. L

    Superionic and metallic states of water and the Anomaly of Water

    https://www.wired.com/story/a-bizarre-form-of-water-may-exist-all-over-the-universe/ Black iceI knew the Black Ice Theories since around 1990 https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-019-1114-6 -- Demontis, P., LeSar, R. & Klein, M. L. New high-pressure phases of ice. Phys. Rev. Lett. 60...
  6. mfb

    SpaceX Anomaly during Crew Dragon test

    While SpaceX tested the engines of a Crew Dragon capsule something went wrong. A lot of smoke was released, no one was harmed. Unfortunately that is the end of official statements already. It was planned to do an in-flight abort test of Crew Dragon in June or July and a crewed flight (first...
  7. N

    Phase modulation and intermodulation anomaly *Plots inside*

    I have a MATLAB script for modelling a two tone signal (a sum of two sinusoids) going through a non linear transfer function (such as an amplifier). The amplitude of a signal is amplified non linearly, and also the phase is modified depending on the input power of the signal. The two sinusoids...
  8. G

    A What could potentially explain the onset of the Pioneer Anomaly?

    With regard to solar radiation effects causing the onset of effect, have any here investigated whether this is consistent with the observed residuals? Because the power of solar radiation is proportional to inverse square of distance from the Sun, it seems plausible to me that the mis-modeled...
  9. mfb

    A Possible explanation for muon g-2 anomaly: Gravity?

    For many years, the measurements of the Landé g-factor of the muon have been puzzling, as the experimental value and the theoretical predictions showed some disagreement - 3.6 standard deviations for the last years. Experimental and theoretical uncertainties have a similar size, so work on both...
  10. ohwilleke

    I Anomaly aggregation and confirming old paper validity

    The Particle Data Group keeps a running, subject matter organized summary of the state of the art experimental results for the experimentally measured properties of hadrons and measurements of fundamental physical constants that is updated at least annually. Is there any comparable group that...
  11. mfb

    I Fly-by anomaly is back with Juno

    During some spacecraft fly-bys at Earth it was noted that their final speed didn’t match the expected values. The difference was too small to be relevant for their missions, but too large to be explained by simple measurement uncertainties. It is either a poorly understood or forgotten part of...
  12. ohwilleke

    I Is there a fine structure constant running anomaly?

    Background The chart above, via Lubos Motl's blog which is standard in any textbook talking about supersymmetry, illustrates the running of the the inverse of the Standard Model (SM) and Minimal Supersymmetric Model (MSSM) coupling constants with energy scale for the electromagnetic force...
  13. C

    Can Someone Explain The Stereo Ahead Blue Sphere Anomaly?

    While looking at stereo ahead images some shots look like there is a massive sphere that appears and disappears in the camera example of this can be found here : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3953058/NASA-cameras-capture-huge-blue-spherical-object.html as you can see the sphere appears...
  14. S

    Anomaly detection in cybersecurity

    This question is primarily directed to @bapowell, but I encourage others to please add any thoughts or suggestions. Brian, I just saw your bio while reading the CMB primers, and thought you may have some ideas on cybersecurity data analytics. Some background: I've been in cybersecurity since...
  15. S

    A Symmetry/Conservation Violated in Quantum Anomaly

    String theorists have apparently applied String Theory to expose a Quantum Anomaly in a physical analog system: electrons flowing in a Niobium Phosphide crystal. The electrons were found to violate symmetry in relation to Spin...
  16. Cassius1n

    Solving Satellite Orbit & Eccentric Anomaly Calculations

    Hi, everyone! I'm trying to find the period of a satellite orbiting the Earth by the next formulas with: miu= 398600.5; a=36770.48 km; I. 2*pi*(a^3/miu)^1/2 II. 84.489*(a/Re)^(3/2)min III. 0.00016587*a^(3/2)min And I got aprox. 19 hours from both formulas (I. and III.) which is correct. Can...
  17. W

    A Is There a Spectral-Flow Explanation for Bosonic Self-Dual Tensor Anomalies?

    I like the spectral-flow viewpoint on chiral anomalies, as described for instance in Peskin & Schroeder, last part of Ch. 19.1 This appears to depend crucially on the concept of fermi sea level, making it specific to fermions. However, bosonic self-dual tensor fields also have an anomaly...
  18. durant35

    I Many worlds and high-amplitude anomaly branches

    A question came up to my mind while thinking about probabilities and Born rule in the context of the Everettian approach. It is often said that anomalies/maverick branches where the experiments go horribly wrong and crazy stuff happens have a negligible amplitude/measure so they really don't...
  19. P

    I Why is the 5 used in the axial Chiral current formulas?

    ...the axial Chiral current formulas use the symbol J^5...i.e.,( "J" with a post script 5. ) What is the reason for the "5" ..??
  20. P

    MHB Eccentric anomaly as function of the eccentric and the mean anomaly

    I'm reading, or more like deciphering a book about rocket science (Rocket propulsion and spaceflight dynamics from Cornelisse, Schoyer and Wakker). Most of my math skills are self taught from books and I usually figure things out but this one keeps haunting me. It's some kind of series...
  21. IbogaMoon

    A April 23rd Magnetosphere Anomaly

    4/23/2016 = 5:37:05 How do you explain this? Instrument Failure? Pole Reversal? Source: http://iswa.ccmc.gsfc.nasa.gov/IswaSystemWebApp/index.jsp?i_1=581&l_1=568&t_1=77&w_1=501.333&h_1=334.333&s_1=2016-04-23 09:27:51.0_1_300_3&i_2=578&l_2=17&t_2=159&w_2=543.333&h_2=507.333&s_2=2016-04-23...
  22. terryds

    Troubleshooting Algebraic Anomaly: Why x = -1 Doesn't Work? | Basic Algebra Tips

    Homework Statement I want to find x that satisfies ##x-\sqrt{(x+2)^2} = 0## Using algebric method, I find x = -1 But, x = -1 does not satisfy that equation... What's wrong with the calculation? Homework Equations (Basic algebra) The Attempt at a Solution ##x-\sqrt{(x+2)^2} = 0 \\ x =...
  23. R

    Conundrum of Solving True Anomaly in Binary Orbits: A Scientist's Dilemma

    I have a real doosy that has got me stumped. I need to solve the following equation for v: tan(v + ω) = tan(θ + Ω)sec(i) The symbols stand for the following values in an elliptical orbit of one point source around another (on the celestial sphere): where v = true anomaly; ω = argument of...
  24. Jessica Ann Yost

    Why does the moon look full in my photos,....

    ...so close to the Sun's position? Is this even possible? First two, taken around May 1st, 2015. Last one, taken in October, 2015
  25. F

    Can anyone explain this anomaly?

    Homework Statement Hi, so during an experiment, I spun a magnet inside a coil of wire in order to induce an emf, and measure the input power and output power. One of the things I found was that the slower the magnet spun (ie the smaller the input voltage to the motor) the larger the induced...
  26. M

    Negative numbers anomaly? And i?

    So, I'm to understand that "0 - -a = a" and I can understand this, in the context of say, being at an arbitrary reference point called "0" and then on a 2 dimension Cartesian graph of + shape and the operator "-", which can mean to reverse (so turn around 180 degrees) and then the second minus...
  27. Dotini

    News A New Anomaly is Discovered in the Great Pyramid

    CREDIT: HIP INSTITUTE/PHILIPPE BOURSEILLER "We have several hypothesis but no conclusion for the moment," said Tayoubi. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/pyramid-scan-anomaly_56417a19e4b0b24aee4ba9ad?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592&ref=yfp
  28. A

    Mysterious Movement in Pool - What Could it Be?

    I hesitate to say this is an anomaly, as it probably has a simple answer, but I have noticed a line of light moving horizontally across my pool every now and then, it starts at the deep end and moves continuously to the shallow end, moves up the wall at the shallow end, and ends at the surface...
  29. nomadreid

    Anomaly set theoretic equivalent to material implication

    OK, this is embarrassing, but I never looked carefully at this elementary point. We say that if p implies q P is the set of all things for which p is true Q is the set of all things for which q is true then Q ⊆ P. Also that the set of all things for which p&q is true equals P∩Q But p & q...
  30. F

    Why does anomaly mean symmetry is broken?

    Is the expection value of expession in left hand side of motion equation of field(example: Klein-Gordon,Dirac...equations) equal zero or not?(left hand side of the equation equals zero when we put condition of mimimizing the action).If not,why we can say when expectation value of divergence of...
  31. L

    Water anomaly -- Heat capacities

    From relation C_p-C_v=[P+(\frac{\partial U}{\partial V})_T](\frac{\partial V}{\partial T})_P In case of water ##(\frac{\partial V}{\partial T})_P<0## so ##C_p<C_v##? Right?
  32. Philosophaie

    Eccentric & Mean Anomaly: Difference & Drawing

    What is the difference between the drawing of the Eccentric Anomaly and the Mean Anomaly. http://www.philosophaie.com/EA.png One has a circle radius "a" inscribed an ellipse with a focus "F". The True Anomaly makes "f" makes an angle to point "P" then a perpendicular is drawn to a point on...
  33. ChrisVer

    Anomaly cancellation triangle

    If I have a triangle diagram for Z \rightarrow W^-W^+, do all fermions contribute the same for giving the contraint \sum_i Q_i =0?? I think that eg top quarks will be absent for such a diagram... any help?
  34. A

    Hydrogen - The Mysterious Anomaly

    I've been wondering what is up with hydrogen. It shares little more than basic commonality with any other atom, this strikes me as strange as all atoms share some properties with those around them on the periodic table whether be it nuclear, physical, or chemical. I asked a reputable source and...
  35. ChrisVer

    QCD vacuum and anomaly [Axions]

    I am studying this paper about the strong CP problem and axions by R.D. Peccei: http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0607268 At the moment I read through the introduction and I have some questions about some points, so please could you help me clear out some things?. [In general I'll try to feed back...
  36. tom.stoer

    Standard model gauge anomaly cancellation

    There are quite subtle gauge anomaly cancellations in the standard model. Does anybody know a good summary about the algebraic constraints for number of fermions per generation, value of electroweak charges, etc.?
  37. nearc

    Juno Flyby Anomaly - Searching for Answers

    i did a search for juno flyby here and did not find anything, hence this post: i've not been able to find any info on the juno flyby anomaly. i know there was a hiccup but did we get any data? was the observed anomaly match the predicted anomaly?
  38. P

    Hohmann transfer towards mars: True Anomaly of Earth/ Launch date

    Hello again :), I have to solve a rather extensive task. Most important are questions a) and c). I appreciate any help :)! Homework Statement The task: Determine characteristics of a Hohmann transfre towards, when circular planetary orbits around the Sun with R_E = 149.6 \cdot 10^6 km...
  39. D

    Mean anomaly as a function of the true anomaly elliptical orbits

    The book Orbital mechanics by Curtis says that the function (I labeled M2evals) is monotonically increasing. However, at pi, I have a discontinuity and the graph jumps below the negative axis when it should continue on; that is, the e = 0 should be the line y = x. import pylab import...
  40. S

    Astrodynamics, mean anomaly related problem

    Homework Statement For an elliptic movement, calculate the mean value for a period of \left( \frac{a}{r} \right)^k , with k = 1,2,3,4,5 and being a the major radius. i.e. calculate \frac{1}{2 \pi} \int_0^{2 \pi} \left( \frac{a}{r} \right)^k dl, being l the mean anomaly. 2...
  41. M

    An anomaly in high-impedance inductors

    Hello, first post here, my passion is electric motors, wind turbines, etc ... yes i am very boring ! I've been testing coils for my motor design for a couple of years now. I've written my own software to predict inductance, etc as well as the physical properties of the coils. I've...
  42. S

    Large Scale anomaly in Planck data

    Just watching tweets come out of the conference, apparently there is a large scale anomaly that has come out of PLanck . One tweet says challenge to inflation, another says could be pre big bang physics. Obvioulsy I am just reading tweets, so not sure what's real yet. But this could be exciting...
  43. S

    The Pioneer effect and Spacecraft flyby anomaly

    Does general relativity explain the Pioneer effect and the spacecraft flyby anomaly? I have seen several papers on those two topics but no GR explanation.
  44. M

    What Caused the Pioneer Anomaly?

    http://spectrum.ieee.org/aerospace/astrophysics/finding-the-source-of-the-pioneer-anomaly/?utm_source=techalert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=120612 I believe this settles it.
  45. B

    Is the Pioneer Anomaly Really Solved ?

    What evidence proves that photon emission of an object, - at all sends some of its momentum back to the source, - and thereby cause it to decelerate (or move opposite)? Or what is the evidence proving that photon emission at all do have a decelerating influence on the object emitting the...
  46. A

    Chiral Anomaly (calculation)

    I am following Pierre Ramond's book "Field Theory - A Modern Primer", chapter 8, section 8.9, "Anomalies". My question starts in what follows from p.304. Homework Statement He draws the triangular diagram with one axial vector at one of the vertices and, using the standard Feynman rules...
  47. C

    Global temperature anomaly and photosynthesis.

    Hi I was just wondering if the Global Temperature anomaly fluctuates up and down rapidly be cause of photosynthesis. http://www.skepticalscience.com/images/co2_temp_broad.gif see image above. as you can see the red line fluctuates rapidly...is this photosynthesis, or is it because the...
  48. D

    Axial anomaly and broken Lorentz invariance

    I had a look at Jackiws article on axial anomaly in scholarpedia: http://www.scholarpedia.org/article/Axial_anomaly Apparently, axial anomaly also breaks Lorentz invariance. Even if this effect would be very weak, doesn't this pull the plug on relativity?
  49. W

    Gravity anomaly of a dipping prism

    I am trying to write a MATLAB script which calculates the gravity anomaly of a dipping prism, using the equations of Hjelt, published in Geoexploration in 1974, issue 1 volume 12. Δg=G.Δρ.T0 where http://img580.imageshack.us/img580/6528/41828644.png and...
  50. M

    Looking for someone who can do calculations on flyby anomaly.

    Hi, I am a PhD candidate doing some research on origins of field theory but my background is in E-field and power electronics and not astronomy. Looking for someone that might want to co-author a paper on the flyby anomaly or more specifically can help me check whether a prediction has any...