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FM Radio Receiver

  1. Dec 8, 2007 #1
    The objective is to "design and construct an FM radio receiver" that is able to tune to commercial FM radio broadcast channels spanning from "87.5 MHz to 108 MHz", and to produce audible demodulated output.
    can anybody help me with a simple circuit for this assignment with proper values for the caps n other components...
    n wat is the formula i can use to calculate the proper values for this components for the frequency specified above...
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    Well, if we give you everything, you won't be designing and constructing an FM radio receiver, with emphasis on design, right?
    The way your question is structured, it sounds like you have no idea what goes into building such a circuit. Is this true? Can you at least break this circuit into smaller subcircuits?
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    ok... ur very right... i seriously have no idea where to start n where to head... im in need of serious guidance... i found something from this link i've attached below... but im not sure how to relate it wit the question i have been given... plz help me through this task... http://www.somerset.net/arm/fm_only_one_transistor_radio.html
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    Welcome to PF, Misz.
    As Ranger indicated, solutions to problems of an academic nature are not provided here. You will get guidance only. It isn't PF's mandate to solve people's problems, but to help them solve them on their own initiative. The exception to that is when someone with a real-life problem needs assistance to dispell it; then we brainstorm it.
    Since this is a sore point with me, I will ask if the solutions are in your textbooks or course material?
    This might be due to me being a baby-boomer, but it seems to me that lately a lot of test questions are beyond the scope of what has been taught. I never saw an exam question (or even pop quiz) that dealt with anything that we hadn't already covered in class.
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    Well an FM receiver is circuit that consists of many of many other major subcircuits. I suggest that you practice the "divide and conquer" rule. Take your FM receiver, break it up into its major parts. The block diagram from wiki should get you started. Surely you've covered the concepts and applications of filters, amplifiers, etc?

    Is it a requirement for you to use discrete components only? Using an IC such as the TDA7088 may help you out.

    Also, try google images and see if you can find some schematics on FM receivers. You can observe techniques employed from RF filter to the audio output.

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  7. Dec 9, 2007 #6
    ok... the things u gave me... look pretty complicating.. we were to told to build a simply circuit... dats it... so im not sure if i can use a TDA7088...
  8. Jul 15, 2009 #7
    i am having same problem and looking for a solution
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