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For all you American Idol fans

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    This is my gift to you.

    http://www.davesbrain.ca/entertainment/tv/randy-jackson.html" [Broken]
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    Keep it real.
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    Wow, does anyone actually watch that show?
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    I mean

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    Every week, religiously.
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    I have never seen the show. After a few years of running open-mic blues jams, I have seen enough (both talented and un-talented) singers. It's funny how people who are inept at playing musical instruments usually have some appreciation for their shortcomings, while very few bad vocalists realize that their "talents" are lacking.
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    I always watch the show, some years are better then others. I have never voted for anyone on the show. This year, a young girl{just turned 17} is really shining bright, and the guys are not to shabby either.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    How to be cool while using the right, and left hand rule.
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    I agree - with the exception of the first 4 words.
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