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Forbidden structures?

  1. Apr 5, 2004 #1
    Where are uniform gravitating prolate spheriods found?

    Where are gravitating polyhedra found?
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    If I gave my idea a name, it could be "gravitating prolate sphereoids" and "gravitating polyhedra". I make some very basic connections and give some basic proofs and get an unusual amount of resistance. I sensed they were "forbidden". Maybe the idea is right.
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    Would either of you care to expound?
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    I tried to introduce the possibility of simply described objects that are apparently not present in our complex universe. My questions are straightforward if you consider them.

    John has his own, disconnected ideas.
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    Ask yourself where in nature you might find a prolate spheroid.

    Ask also where in nature you might find noncrystalline polyhedra.
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