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Force between a permanent and electromagnet

  1. Jun 30, 2013 #1
    Could anyone help me with calculating the force between an electromagnet and a permanent magnet?

    Using Biot-Savart law I'm able to calculate the field strength of the electromagnet at a respective point, I can also calculate the field strength of the permanent magnet. However, the tricky part seems to be relating the two and establishing the force acting on them when exposed to each others fields at a point.

    I've looked online and in books on electromagnetism but cant seem to find an equation.

    (Project, certainly not homework)
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    Please do not open multiple threads for the same topic - I deleted the other one.

    If you know the field strength of magnet 1 at the place of magnet 2 (and vice versa), you can use the Lorentz force to calculate the forces between the magnets.
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