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Force exerted onto the pipe by a shrunk fit ring

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    hi, this is my first post here in this forum. i would like somebody here to help me in calculating the force exerted onto the pipe by a stainless steel ring of 10mm thickness, when it is shrunk fit on to the pipe by heating.

    thanks in advance
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    What are the inner and outer diameters. Theoretically, it depends on whether thay are considered thick walled cylinders, i.e. ID/t<10.
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    As the steel ring cools, it thermally contracts. The steel ring will be in tension and the pipe on to which it shrinks will be in compression.

    The key about thermal strain is that it does produces displacement without stress.

    One needs the IDs/ODs of the pipe and steel ring, and the starting and final temperatures of the steel ring. One can simply the problem by assuming the pipe does not change temperature from its initial temperature (e.g. room temp) and this is the final temperature of the steel ring.

    When two dissimilar metals are mated, one must be concerned with differential thermal expansion - a consequence of different thermal expansion coefficients and/or thermal gradients.
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    Pipe OD: 127mm
    Pipe ID: 115mm

    Ring OD:133mm
    Ring ID: 126.5mm
    Ring width:20mm

    Please anyone tell me when the ring is heated and fitted onto the pipe, what will be the force exerted on the pipe?
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    Is this homework?
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