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Force resulting from a pressurized departing gas

  1. Feb 2, 2012 #1
    Thank you for your help.

    So if I have a cylinder with a hole in it, and gas escaping from it. How can I find the resulting force that gas is exerting on the cylinder. So I can then find the acceleration it is imparting.

    I know the density of the gas 2.85 lb/ft^3, and the mass flow rate of the escaping gas is 69.33 lb/s.

    In a very small increment of time .001 milliseconds. There has been 6.933*10-5 lbs discharged.

    What is the resulting force on the cylinder? Is it just the lbs of Gas discharged? I know the velocity of the gas is around 4000 ft/s, do I need this to find this out? or is the mass flow rate accounting for it?

    Thank you,
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    I would say that you need to use force = rate of change of momentum
    You should really be using SI units....m, kg, s
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