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I Forced convection over a cylinder

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    I am building an apparatus to measure how does fluid speed effect heat transfer from solid on fluid. fluid runs over a cylinder which inner side is kept at a constant temperature. A calculation for surface temperature profile was made for a similar eaxperiment were a flat plate was used instead of a cylinder. I would like to ask weather it is safe to use the same correlation between the nuslet number and reynolds number:
    Nu=C/m * Re˘m * Pr˘n
    where C = 0.332, m = 1/2 and n = 1/3 for a laminar boundary layer
    and C = 0.0287, m = 4/5, n = 3/5 for a turbulent boundary layer
    and therefore if calculations for surface temperature profile calculations made for flat plate alo apply for cylinder.
    Thank you for your answers

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    What do you think and why?
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