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Fortran to resolve Heat tranfers problem

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    i need to know if someowne can help me with a program that i have to do to resolve a heat problem of the Patankat(autor) book. exercise 5.1 is the problem and to solve it i need to use the upwind method and the CDS method..

    please help
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    Dr Transport

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    We need more information and what have you done so far???
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    i have to do a program in fortran to resolve this problem.

    it´s a problrm of convective heat transfer, bi-dimensional with generation of heat on a uniform meshgrid. if you know, it´s a problem from the book "Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow_Suhas V. Patankar_1980" - exercice 5.1.

    the problem as to be solve using the CDS esquem and the Upwind esquem

    than i have to make the grid refinement and compare the results of the esquem i use...

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    You're going to need to show us more. What have you tried, and what kind of problems are you having? This isn't an all-you-can-eat code buffet, you've got to prepare your own meals.
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    were is some code i have made

    were is some code i have made but the temperature is wrong in the end...
    i´m using the method line-by-line with the TDMA in the vertical

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    I am a new user of FORTRAN, Plz help me to solve a problem
    Example 5.2,An introduction to computatinal fluid dynamics,The finite volume method.-H.K.Versteeg and W.Malalasekera. page-104.
    I would be very gradefule if any body help me
    Yours truly
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    Hi Giber,

    I read your code and I notice that you were missing the iterative loop in the cycle. Im doing the same problem and I also have problems with my code. Were you able to finish that one? Im driving crazy with mine!
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