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Forumlae for delay in pair-wise twisted single conductors for frequencies>10MHz

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    I would like to know if anyone knows any good formulas for calculating the delay of impulses in single conductors twisted around each other when the period of the impulses is 1μs and the pulses are 20ns long.

    Some of the usual relations are no longer applicable in this case due to the very high frequency, so I am fishing for some tips and some warnings about all the pits you can fall into facing a problem like this.

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    The main things to look in the cable specs are are the propagation velocity, the loss versus frequency, and the dispersion. What specific cables are you looking at?
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    What distance!

    And what insulator, shape, size...

    Depending on that, you can receive a delayed pulse, or more often, a thing hard to recognize, because of dispersion.
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