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Foucault pendulums -- ordering the part that connects the string to the ceiling

  1. Sep 29, 2015 #1
    Do you know where I can order a part that connects string to the ceiling? The part has to be rotate free with very tiny friction. Inside the part may be air filled or vacuum. There has to be no hard wired connection between the ceiling and the part.

    I would make one if I know how.

    Hope someone would reply disregarding my ignorance. I know the experiment is interesting...fantastic to prove the earth is rotating.
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    How heavy of a pendulum are you thinking about? I'd expect that commercial ball or roller bearings would work... maybe try taking apart a non-driven wheel from a junk bicycle, motorcycle, or automobile?
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    Small. I might consider mini pendulum experiment.

    I am focused right on the ceiling. An inch or less from the ceiling. Something right below ceiling has lazy Susan movements. I need that part with these movements. I am aware taping a thread or string directly to the ceiling is not possible.

    Your suggestion about ball bearing is acceptable. It acts like bob on the end of the pendulum right near the floor. I am talking about the top ceiling.

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    I'm talking about the top ceiling too. Fix the outer race of the bearing to the ceiling horizontally, attach the top of the pendulum to the inner race, and you'll have the lazy Susan movement you're looking for.
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    Oh, I see. Thank you for making it clear. Do you know of a retail store where I can purchase bearings? Home Depot? Lowes? Pep Boys? Or your suggestion?
    After purchase, I will rig up the inner to pendulum and outer race to the ceiling of the bearing and then watch it. As long as it responds to the earth rotation, I will be satisfied although it won't be accurate due to friction and other factors.
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    For a light load you might consider finding an old hard drive. They have some really nice ball bearings inside.

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    Rbelli1, good thought. I prefer to try Ebay. They have some ball bearings.
    Paul Davis, it may not be a good reading for me. It says about a ferrule attached to a string. I cannot understand how it works without ball bearing thou Foucault managed to do it In his days.
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