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Fourier Transform - Rectangular Function Help

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1. Hi! I am new at this forum, and english is not my native language,
so, I hope I can make myself clear. A teacher send us a list of activities,
but he did not give us the theory about it (the theoretical class). So, I have
read a few things on the internet and I have solved some exercises. I want
to clearly state that I don't pretend to anyone do the exercise, but if you could
guide me, I will appreciate.

X(t)= 5Rect((t+2)/4)

2. Relevant equations

F(ω)=int^{\∞}_{-\∞}f(t)e^{jwt}dt (Fourier Transform definition)

Rect(t)=Rect(t)={(A ,if-t/2≪τ≪t/2 (Rectangular function definition)
0,if other)

3. The attempt at a solution

I just need to know how to start.
I don't know where to substitute the 5 or the (t+2)/4

Sorry to bother.
And thank you very much.

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