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Homework Help: Fractions of amounts questions

  1. Aug 29, 2012 #1
    Ok here's the problem.

    2/5 of the children in Year 8 play the piano.
    1/4 of the children in Year 8 play the violin
    No child plays more than one instrument.

    1) Of the children in Year 8. What fraction do not play the piano or the violin?

    Easy i did 1-(2/5+1/4) = 7/20

    There are fewer than 50 children in Year 8.
    1/2 of the children who do not play the piano or the violin play the drums.

    2) How many children are there in Year 8?


    Thanks for your help in advance,

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    I'm guessing here, but maybe the numbers do not turn out to be a whole number of children except if you get the total number of kids right. Does that help? You can't have a fraction of a kid...
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    So what fraction of the children play the drums?

    If there are N children, home many children play the drums?
    As Berkeman pointed out, only whole number of children can play the drums.

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    The fraction of children playing the drum is 3.5/20 or 7/40...

    Which would make the total number of children in Year 8 to be 40. Is this correct?
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    Yes. It could be any multiple of 40 to give integer number of children, but the problem said that there are less than 50 children in year 8.

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