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B Frame of reference in which Newton's first law is not valid

  1. Sep 13, 2016 #1
    Newtons first law of motion depends on frame of reference
    • So what are some examples , which shows that in this frame of reference F = 0, but a is not equal to zero or vice versa.
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    Suppose that you are on a rocket out in deep space. The engines are firing so that the craft experiences one gee of acceleration. You hold out your hand and drop a pencil which, from your accelerating point of view, falls and hits the floor. There is no force on the pencil, yet it accelerates. This is a case of an "accelerating frame of reference".
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    If F includes the inertial forces in an non-inertial frame, then Newtons 1st and 2nd still apply (that's what inertial forces are introduced for). Otherwise any non-inertial frame is an example where they don't apply.
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    Thank you so much. I wonder you said "deep space" so that gravitational force is 0.
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    Yes, that is why I put you in a rocket rather than in a chair sitting at your desk.

    As A.T. hints, there is a sense in which sitting at your desk and sitting in a rocket are equivalent. Gravity need not be regarded as a force but merely a result of the fact that we choose to consider the surface of the earth to be continuously at rest. But I did not want to complicate a simple question with a subtle answer.
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    The other most common non-inertial frame is a rotating frame. An inertial particle will accelerate, leading to the use of the centrifugal force and the Coriolis force to describe the motion.
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    now wait a min. if you are in a rocket and drop that pencil, it doesnt accelerate anymore .. it falls to the rear of the rocket and sticks to the rear wall with 1g of force.
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    It does accelerate -- as measured against the accelerating frame of reference in which the rocket is motionless.
    It does not accelerate -- as measured against an inertial frame in which the pencil is motionless.

    Both are true.
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