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Free Matlab alternative

  1. Apr 9, 2010 #1
    Hi all,

    I have an idea to develop a free Web-based math software just like Matlab. My idea is:

    1. You only need a browser to use the software
    2. You can save your algorithm into the web site and retrieve to use it later.
    3. The programming language of the algorithm will be Javascript
    You use a graphical editor to draw a Flow Chart and the software will execute the algorithm.

    Is it a good idea? Pls comment..
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    Don't really thing that's useful. Anyone who doesn't need scientific calculation can just use any regular calculator. Anyone that needs a Matlab-like program can just use octave or scilab. Those are both free programs that indeed require installation, but if you're serious about using a program like that I think that installing it is no problem.

    The only practical application I see for your idea is that you make it completely compatible with Matlab and allow people to upload there code so that they can do a demo of a Matlab program on a computer where Matlab isn't installed. But there are ways to do that without needing an internet connection.

    So, that's my opinion but don't let it keep you from trying if you really want to. I might be wrong.
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    Suppose the web site provides the following functions:

    1. You can upload your code and share it to other user if you like
    2. Other user can comment on your code
    3. There is a search engine that helps you to find other user's code and you can use it if you like.

    Will it be more useful? Pls comment...

    Many Thanks.
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    There are already lots of sites like that, especially the "cookbook" sites and matlab's own forums. *shrugs* I use python kind of as a matlab substitute and keep being told to use an online toolkit similar to what you're proposing and I honestly hate it a decent amount of the time. It's massively buggy and not quite useful for the amount of data I have to process in a single run.

    What you're proposing also sounds similar to Sage. I think javascript isn't a great language to use for algorithms implementation simply 'cause it's not commonly used outside of the webdevelopment community.
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