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Frequency Control in Power Plants -- Droop

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    how do power operators change the droop setting in modern power plants? Back in the days it was with help of a flyball governor(?). In todays power plants do operators adjust some sort of gain electronically via a scada system or something?
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    Pretty much yes. Everything today is electronic or digital. However, some mechanical flyball governors still exist.

    By the way, in most cases, the governor droop (gain) stays constant. Reasons to change its value are rare. I've never heard someone request for the capability to adjust it from a remote location.
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    jim hardy

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    All the turbines on your system need to have the same droop setting else they won't share load equally during grid upsets.

    If there's a reason to change it "on the fly" i'm unaware, and i find the thought frightening.
    Our governor was hydraulic, droop set by a mechanical adjustment during turbine overhaul when the control block is apart. I think ours was the last one of those ever built.

    old jim
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