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Frequency of small oscillations

  1. Feb 16, 2016 #1
    Two bodies of mass m each are attached by a spring. This two body system rotates around a large mass M under gravity. Will there be any relation between frequency of oscillation of the two body system and frequency of rotation?
    Frequency of small oscillations of a single body rotating in an orbit is same as frequency of rotation.
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    There can be a similar situation. A body of small mass- m1 is rotating around another mass- m2 with frequency f1. This two body system is rotating around a large mass M with frequency f2. What should be relation between f1 and f2 if we consider forces of gravity?
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    above situation is available as an example in planetary motion so you can get an answer if you see/observe say earth moon system or saturn and its satellites and the Sun ...i think you can get a tested result.
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