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Fridge = ac? buffer roof?

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    good / bad ideas:
    1. have an extra fridge. small 170 litres. can i use it like an ac - cool the room? switch it on and leave the door ajar?

    2. buy five-six 15x15 feet white canvas, put it on my roof. put 2-3 buckets of water on roof. canvas acts as a buffer between main roof and sun. water helps keep it all cool

    its summer in Bangalore and new place is on the top floor so hotter than before!

    like to know if i should try any of these? is 1 bad? will 2 be effective at all?
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    1 is not good. The fridge takes heat out of the air inside it and pumps it out the back.
    As the fridge needs energy to operate, more heat comes out the back than is taken out from the inside. It would heat up the room.
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    lol ty :-) so i guess this old ts to the fridge grave yard for this old chap

    anyone on the canvas idea? need to buy them, would help to know if it will help at all
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    Evaporating Water is fairly effective. You can increase the rate of evaporation by using cloth creating a larger surface area. Putting something reflective on the roof also helps. White is better than black, shiny metal is better than white.
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    How about better insulation in your ceiling?

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    its a rented place so 'i think' canvas will be cheaper and can be sold when moving out

    and another ceiling will make for less space ...

    will go find prices weekend ty all
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