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Fridge water line

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    I just bought a new fridge and sold my previous fridge, so I disconnected the copper line to the old fridge. I turned the valve to the fridge line off but there still is a slow drip. I haven't connected it to the new fridge yet since we are putting new cabinets and placing the fridge in a new position. Somebody told me that you could use vise grips to close the copper line that went to the fridge, or do I have to get a fitting to stop this leak.
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    If you're getting a slow drip with the valve closed, replace the valve. It has probably gotten mineral deposits on it over time and doesn't close completely. While you have everything apart anyway, it's a good and easy time to replace the valve in case you ever do have a bigger leak and NEED to close it completely to work on it.
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    yeah it is coated with mineral deposits, Im going to the store right now to place jb weld on it for a temp fix. We are ripping out all of cabinets so I will place the new valve than.
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    Ask yourself what avoiding a flood is worth to you, then cap it off properly until you're ready to plumb in the new appliance.
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    It's just a piece of copper tubing. I would crimp it shut then replace it later.
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    If it's just dripping, I wouldn't even bother replacing the valve - just crimp the tube until installing the new fridge!

    A leaky valve can't cause a flood.
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    You will be needing a new flex water line and shut off valve anyway. Just crimp the old line and wait.
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    get a bigger hammer!
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    I crimped it, no leaks
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    Since when do fridges need a water pipe?!
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    Since they had a cooled water supply.
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