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Full well capacity and dynamic range of CCD

  1. Sep 26, 2009 #1

    I have some question about the full well capacity and dynamic range of the CCD camera. The following link lists some full well capacity and dynamic ragnes of some CCD cameras:

    My question is how they obtain the electron numbers of the "full well capacity e-" and "read noise e-". Do they calculate the full well capacity based on the size of the pixels, or they obtained the full well capacity by measuring the saturation current? How about the read noise? Thanks a lot.
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  3. Oct 26, 2010 #2
    I'm not sure about everything you ask, but one thing I do know is that in my company full well capacity is calculated using "rule fo thumb methods" based upon the size of the pixel, number of clock phases and average number of electrons per micron squared of your doped substrate (ie. buried channel).
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