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Fundamentals of computer- book suggestion needed.

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    Hi all,

    My objective is to understand the electronics of a computer.
    It does not have to be a modern computer, but I want to know how the basics of digital electronics (like flip flops, gates, counters) are assembled togather to get the desired output.
    Its more like how the individual modules talk to each other etc.

    I happened to visit a tech fest last saturday, and saw some interesting things like non volatile dipole memory, and primitive memories ( it was a big circuit board A4 size, with wires on all pins- looked like a hairy board- if you get the picture).
    I also had a look at the punched cards and the programm tapes. The academic who was manning the booth tried to be very helpful in explaining things.

    This kindled my interests in basic computer technology, and I will be glad if someone can suggest me with some good books, websites etc.
    I have studied books like Malvino as a part of my course work, but am expecting more from the practical aspects etc.

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    Welcome to the PF!

    You can start with these articles at HowStuffWorks.com:


    Start with the simpler articles, like "What's inside my computer", and then read the others as well. You can also do a search at www.wikipedia.org, which will give you an intro article plus lots of links to other articles and books.
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    Yea, what Berkeman said: Read up on the basics, then when you understand the basics, if that's not all the information you want, you're going to be Googling for "Computer Architecture". Try adding "theory" or other keywords to the Google search to find what you're looking for.
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    Many thanks for your suggestions.
    With regards.
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