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Funny/Cool Names for Nuclear Event

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    I'm new to posting on this forum, but i've been reading posts on here for a while :)

    Next weekend i am hosting an event to teach middle school kids about the field of Nuclear. I cover Radiation, Basic Atomic Structure, Fission, Fusion, fun jobs in Nuclear, ext.

    I need a fun name to post this class on the wall, can anyone think of any?

    I'm in competition with other university organizations and the past 3 events the name was listed as "Detecting radiation in every day life".... Sadly this always ends up with a whopping 2 kids in my class while others have 40+ lol
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    Atomic Bombs and Other Cool Stuff
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    While that would be an awesome name, i try to leave atomic bombs out of my presentation... ill answer questions if asked though lol.
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    You need to strike a balance between what you want to teach and what they want to hear about and use the latter to leverage the former.
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    How to profit from the coming boom in nuclear technology.
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    Nucular bombs and other Hot Stuff.
    Much better.
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    Nuke It and Your Toast
    Fisson for Gold
    Why Fusion Will Turn You Green With Envy
    Radiation and Other Glowing Topics
    The Sun, the Atom, and a Cat Named Einstein
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    The Strong Nuclear Force: Holding Your Gameboy Together
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    Nuclear Spongebob (or similar mascot) and have cutouts of Spingebob posing with atoms, fusing them, etc.

    I don think it needs to be an especially clever name, just use a theme that they're into and imbed everything into that theme.
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    Exploding stars, erupting volcanoes, and the deadliest force in nature

    How did all the best superheroes get their power?

    Controlling the universe through powerful forces

    Whats the strongest and weakest forces in nature (the strong and weak force).

    ... or other things of that nature. They are all loosely accurate but I think kids want danger, excitement, powerful sounding things.
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    Gravity is the weakest force.
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    "Gotta nuke somin'"

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    I may be a little late to the party but perhaps

    Demon core and the crossroads able incident - May intrigue some kids to come along. I will let you google what that is all about lol
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