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Research and Nuclear Engineering Grad School?

  1. Oct 5, 2013 #1


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    I posted a question a while back on medical physics and got great feedback so I'm back again in with another dilemma...

    I spent the summer doing med physics research and I liked the radiation physics and computational aspects of it quite a bit. I'd like to apply for grad school in nuclear engineering but wonder if I'm well-qualified enough for a spot at a good school. I'm thinking of starting with a master's, maybe with an emphasis in computational engineering. I may go on to get a PhD but don't know if I can commit to that now. Do many people go into grad studies with their final level of education not entirely clear?

    Here are my details
    -Engineering physics major, I have taken several nuclear engineering-oriented classes but there is no undergrad nuclear degree here
    -GPA 3.8
    -One competitive summer fellowship studying radiation physics. This was all programming, particle beam analysis etc. not clinical
    -Senior research project in applied nuclear physics
    -GRE Quant of 170, hopefully this helps show I have potential
    -I should get pretty good letters of recommendation from the two profs I have done research with

    Will my lack of research experience be a significant problem? Can I get into a top school? I don't want to wear myself and my letter-writers out if not. I think the people over at grad cafe have me a little freaked with all their published papers, etc.

    Also, does anybody have any opinions about a computational engineering Master's (not in any one field, just a general degree) I have seen those kinds of programs around, but they're kind of new I guess.

    I would appreciate any advice, thanks
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