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Funny Riddle

  1. Nov 3, 2004 #1
    Ok, a man lives in a one story house with no poarch or basement, If the walls are green, the coach is green, the lamp is green and the ceiling is green what color are the stairs?
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    The stairs in the green dollhouse in the little girl's green room are painted green too.
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    there are no stairs.
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    might be the same color as the elevator ;)
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    Par- Correct
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    Is that a bilious green?

    The stairs are pink.
    There is an elephant of the same color sitting on them.
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    Even a one story house with no basement can have an attic with stairs leading to it! I would have to conclude the guy is color blind and it matters little what color the stairs are. :-)
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    A coach is a car right?
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    Would this be a tall story?
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