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Gaussian - Resuming a calculation

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    I heard that if Gaussian crashes, you can just resume the calculation by loading the incomplete log file. How do I do that, I tried opening the incomplete .log file with GaussView and Gaussian and neither work (get error messages). Do I need to create a checkpoint file or something? This time I did specify it to create a checkpoint file, can I use this .chk file to resume the incomplete job? I tried opening it in Gaussian and heres what happened:
    I haven't figured out what the purpose of these checkpoint files are yet, I've been just opening my previous calculations .log files with GaussView and run additional calculations from there, am I doing something wrong there? Also I've been saving my .gjf and .log files in my own seperate directory, do I need to store them in the default Gaussian folder in order for everything to work correctly?
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