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Gene Genesis

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    What are the possibilities that all Terran life originated from a singular strand of mono-DNA or singular mono-protein? :rolleyes:

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    --- or two component RNA precursor?
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    Past Postulation...

    Affirmative, according to my level of understanding of Genetic Genesis, there are only two or three two-component precursors possible that is capable, given enough time, of generating every lifeform on Terra:

    1. Single stranded DNA or component protein.
    2. Single stranded RNA or component protein.
    3. Single stranded DNA/RNA component mirrors with component proteins.

    For example, given that a single self-replicating protein was somehow 'forged' from component materials under hydrothermal conditions, (an ocean floor hydrothermal vent) , or other possible sources, in which that protein was capable of replicating its own RNA/DNA template.

    For example, a protein that replicated a RNA/DNA template, in which that template replicated an exact copy of the original protein, should have been enough, given enough time, to have generated/produced all past, present, and future lifeforms on Terra.

    Is there another possible postulate? :rolleyes:

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