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General questions on Maxwell equations

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    yo !!

    quick question on jc maxwell, got an exam comming up and was wondering

    see attached

    these are the equations for free space (vacuum) and i was wondering if these will still hold for simple media such as plain old atmosphere (the breathable kind). following this can simple medium be defined as anything that wont interfere with electric/magnetic fields eg (wood)

    thanks and i know its minus crack !! :smile:

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    Look at the values of μ and ε; for stuff that has the same or nearly same values, no difference. That includes air. For other materials, not so much (e.g. wood).
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    ok i know this the values are very close together in comparision to, feromagnetic material, so then do the formula alter from free space to simple media or not ?
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    The Maxwell's Equation apply to all media. Just the μ and ε terms are different. These two terms can be real ( lossless) or complex ( lossy).
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