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Homework Help: Genetics Desperately waiting for replies

  1. Nov 17, 2004 #1
    Genetics!!!!Desperately waiting for replies

    In drosophilia,blackbody colour is recessive to grey body colour.A geneticist had 3 pairs of flies with grey body designated A,B and C.He crossed A and b and obtained 109 grey bodied flies,A and C gave 80 grey bodied and 28 black bodied whilst B and Cgave 76 grey bodies flies.Explain with reason the genotype of A,B and C.
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    let X repersent the grey gene
    and x the black gene
    XX,Xx,xX are grey phenotype
    xx is black phenotye
    XX*Xx gives 100% grey
    XX*XX gives 100% grey
    Xx*Xx gives 75%grey 25% black
    A*C is mixed so A and C are Xx
    A*B=B*C so B is XX
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