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Getting burned out

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    I'm most of the way through my first semster as a grad student going for my masters in physics. I'm not sure if it is just my workload this semester, but I am getting really burned out. I want to work in industry (either private or government, but i'm not particularly interested in education) and I was wondering what sort of insights people can offer about the careers they have gotten with a physics education.

    Specifically, how much work is it? Right now, I always have something to do, I'm spending an average of about 12 hours a day on school work and I never get a day off. No job could possibly take this much time, but do you find yourselves working a lot of extra hours and weekends? I don't want a job that is going to be my entire life.

    Secondly, are there career options besides teaching that don't require a lot of lab work? In case it turns out to be the material I am getting burned out on and not just school, what else can I do with a masters in physics?
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    There is a thread in this section of PF titled Employment in Physics. You may want to read it and the link that I gave.

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