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Getting into Graduate School

  1. Jul 8, 2008 #1
    I want to go to Graduate School and get my Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am an Engineering Physics Major and I have only one more year until I finish my Undergraduate degree. I will be applying to graduate schools in December 2008. I would love to go to University of Michigan, but it's hard to get in there.

    A problem I have is that I have no relevant research or work experience in the field. Do you think I could work on something during the months of August to November that would give me experience and increase my chances of getting into grad school?

    I tried really hard to get an internship but recruiters don't even bother to consider someone with an Engineering Physics Major, they just look for ME and EE.

    I have an overall GPA of 3.73, and I am studying very hard for the GRE which I will take in August.
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    I think it can't hurt to try and get some kind of research experience. I don't know how it is for engineering masters degrees, since in general masters degrees are a bit more coursework driven and not as focused on producing new results, maybe letters don't mean as much as they do for PhD admissions.

    Talk to the Michigan engineering department. Tell them your profile, and ask them what you could do to boost admissions to their program.
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