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Getting Rid of Wild Cats in Compound

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    There is a wild cat in our compound that makes so much loud at night that it disturbs our sleep. We can't touch it because it avoids people so we can't just carry it outside or put it in far away place. Does anyone know what medicine that can make it sleep for 2 hours enough to transport it in a car and release it miles away, or any kind of trap where it can be confined in cage and transporting it elsewhere? Thanks.
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    jim hardy

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    Or this one from the same place. It's specifically designed for catching cats.

    Stray Cat Rescue Kit

    An instruction video:
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    It might be better to trap it, get it neutered or spayed, and then rerelease it. If you get rid of the feral cat, what will you do about the mice?

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    There are no rats in my compound.

    I can't find those big cage trap in my place.

    I prefer medicine. What is the safest to use. Maybe 5mg of Ambien (sleeping pills) would do?

    Last resort would be to get darts rifle that can instantly immobilize an intruder just like in the movies. Does this need license and is it expensive?
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    I feel as though you have a good chance of accidentally killing it if you overdose, or ending up with a very unhappy cat in a car if you underdose. I also suggest the traps, perhaps you can order one online? Or maybe there is an animal control group nearby that can help you?
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    Because of the cat obviously :tongue:


    Just like in the movies is always a good plan
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    jim hardy

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    the noise is probably cats mating. i think you have more than one feral cat. Soon you'll have many more.

    i dont like poison it is slow and the carcass will poison whatever eats it.

    If you give it sleeping pills it will hide and doze off where you can't find it.

    Any reasonably practical hardware store should have a trap. But it's not a shopping mall item.

    Check Google and see where's nearest Tractor Supply store, or get your local Home Depot to order that trap.

    Or borrow a Greyhound dog, they're good cat-catchers
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    In 3 months time, I expect a post from a resident of another compound asking how to get cge and transport a feral cat. :)
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    There is only one cat in my compound. I mentioned plural cats just like write statement.. "how to avoid men..".. or how to seduce women.. not "how to seduce woman". There.

    There is one thing pecular about the cat. It doesn't meow the normal way but very coarse.. like "mu...".. are these the voice of feral cats?

    I can't find any big cage in stores anywhere and it is costly to order overseas as it is big so I need to construct it from scratch.. so how does one construct one?
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    My neighborhood used to be over run with feral cats. A few months ago two ladies started catching them, spaying and neutering them, and then finding homes for the friendly ones and releasing the really wild ones.

    The way they catch them is baby simple. They have a large box which they prop up on a stick. There is a string tied to the stick about 30 feet long. They put food under the box and wait for the cat to go under to eat the food. Then they pull the string, and the box drops, trapping the cat. Next you slide some thin piece of plywood under the box to close off the bottom. The whole thing can be lifted by two people onto a vehicle, and the cat driven away to wherever you want to take it. They have caught about 15 cats this way, and now it's very rare to see a feral cat around here anymore.

    The large box they use is actually just a frame made of 1 x 2 and covered with window screen. It's fairly light. I'd say it's about four feet square. They generally do their cat trapping between 11 PM and 2 AM.
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    heh, just like in cartoons!
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    I know. I was amazed at how low tech it all was.
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    jim hardy

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    Build it with a stout bottom.
    Put hardware store hinges on one end and a hasp on the other.

    The cat will go ballistic when you approach the cage and you dont want to be lifting it up to slide the bottom in place. He'll go out through the gap.

    Just snap the hasp and go.

    my 2 cents
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    You don't have to lift it higher than the thickness of the bottom board, but your idea of building the bottom in is definitely better.
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