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    do ghosts have a time limit, in the uk i think ghosts have
    been sighted back to the roman era, but as far as i know
    no stone, bronze or iron age ghosts have been sighted,
    is the same true for species ,horses ,dogs have been
    reported, but again as far as i know no cows, sheep,
    Dino's etc, what is going on does one have to be in the
    club to become a ghost?
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  3. A couple years ago there was a guy on The Art Bell show who maintained that Nessie was the ghost of an aquatic dinosaur.
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    I've never thought about that. Interesting. Isn't one hypothesis that the "surroundings" pick up the vibrations or emanations and that's why it's ususally buildings that have ghosts? As for outdoor ghosts, too much has changed since those earlier times.

    I've always wondered if there really were ghosts, why aren't hospitals the most haunted places on earth? Think of how many people die in a hospital daily. Victims of tragic accidents, murder victims, etc...
  5. That's The Stone Tape "theory". I put "theory" in quotes because there was no actual theory, just some random speculation by a British professor. The British entertainment industry got hold of the idea and made a famous horror story based on the notion:

    Google Search: The Stone Tape

    There isn't actually any mechanism remotely like this known to science.
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    Do you know if this is available in the US? European DVD's don't work here. :frown:
  7. I have no idea. Sorry.
    You mean they don't work here because they're not here, they're in Europe? Or is there really a difference in the two technologies?
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    So what is the oldest ghost? apart from nessie.
    do people see cave men ghosts?
    ghost animals?
    Evo said hospitals ought to be the most haunted
    i guess thats true, but where are ghosts most often
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    Not a difference in technology. There's some type of coding in them that won't allow you to play US DVD's in Europe & vice versa. The players sold in the US & Europe are set up to read the coding.
  10. DVD-Roms or just regular actualy DVD players? Because for the drives for comp you can flashbios and remove the international lock on DVDs... -- Search your drive and flash firmware and your done!
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    The actual DVD player.
  12. :(

    Is there a flashbios for actualy DVD players?
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    Good questions Wolram, now I've got to do some checking. :smile:
  14. Like you, the oldest ghost I have ever heard reported was from a man who saw the legs of marching Roman soldiers when he was standing in some Roman ruins unearthed in London.
    I don't think anyine thinks Nessie is a ghost except that one guy.
    I've never heard of any, but people here see Native American ghosts. I would expect aboriginal ghosts are reported in Australia. There would be no telling how "old" they were.
    I haven't heard of any.
    The majority of the stories I've heard involve seeing them in residential settings. A smaller percentage of stories are about outdoor sightings.
  15. I took my DVD player to a local electonics store, got myself a 20€ chip and now I can play Asian and US dvd's as well :biggrin:

    I suggest you ask around to see if you can do something similar
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    Thanks Dimitri!
  17. What about Vic Tandy's suggestion that some ghosts are just the result of features of the structues that they are felt or seen in? He says that rooms of a certain shape that have a resonant frequency of 19Hz (caused to vibrate by an underground river or wind etc) can induce feelings of fear and glimpses of ghostly shapes out of the corner of the eye. This is probably most likely to happen in old houses or other 'spooky' places, as they prime us to attribute weird experiences to supernatural forces.

    He first put out this idea, backed up by only a small amount of research, a few years ago. I haven't heard much about the 19Hz business since.

    By the way, in my opinion the only good ghost is a dead ghost. End of.
  18. We have definitly discussed every detail and element of this theory:

    UK Man "Foils" Ghosts - Physics Help and Math Help - Physics Forums
  19. True, but did any of you go out and do some field work, or make 19Hz generators to spook yourselves out? Thing is, that was all a couple of years ago - has anyone got any updates?

    Anyway to address the orignal question, I think there was programme on the TV (UK) about research into the resonant frequencies of ancient burial sites. Sorry to not exactly give the full reference, but this might be where some of the earliest ghostly experiences might have been had.
  20. Apologies, the last posting was only a few months ago. But see what I mean? It FEELS like it was ages ago! Come on, lets dredge this one up.
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    From The Folklore of warwickshire.

    Walton Hall Hotel in Stratford------ Several people claim
    to have seen a spectral white horse which gallops over
    the front lawns at five yearly intervals, on 9th october.
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