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Giancoli Physics Sixth Edition [Updated]

  1. May 28, 2010 #1
    Hey guys, yesterday I got my physics book in the mail and I started to browse through and look at some of the information. I noticed for 1 of the formulas and such that there was a title with "Some Derivatives and Integrals" and I'm wondering if we NEED to know this for this book, because I'll only be in Pre calc taking this.

    What some of it says:
    int[sin ax dx = -1/a cos ax
    int[xos ax dx = 1/a sin ax

    things like that..

    Kinda scary for me, but why would my school only say pre calc? Btw, this is for AP Physics B not C..

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    I would ask the teacher of the course, or a student who has completed the course at your school. Those are the only people who can give you a reliable answer.

    By the way, I too am rather baffled that calculus is not a corequisite for an AP physics course.
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    I've been looking through it and I cant find anything that has to do with calculus other than limits in the first 10 chapters, limits, I'm not worried about because they're easy (I've learned some things myself). And yeah any other opinions ;s
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