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Giant ring system around exoplanet discovered

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    At least that is the interpretation of the scientists - 200 times larger than the system around Saturn, and thick enough to make a complicated light curve during stellar transit.
    The transit happened in 2007 and took nearly two months. A gap in the ring system hints at an exomoon. As they just observed one transit, it is not certain that the object is bound - if it is, they suggest an orbital period of roughly 13 years which would give another transit in 2020.

    BBC news
    paper at arXiv

    The BBC article has a picture how the sky would look like if Saturn had such a ring system - science is the best science fiction. But they really need a better star name, 1SWASP J140747.93-394542.6 is a bit clumsy.
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    How about Ol' Ringy?
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