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Given a DNA sequence, which will be its mRNA?

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    And what will be the peptide sequence formed?

    So the sequence is: ADN 3’- TAC-CGA-TAT-AGC-CGT-ATT -5’

    so my guess is that it's AUG-GCU-AUA-UCG-GCA-UAA and the peptide sequence is: Start codon, alanin, isoleucine, serine, alanin, stop codon.

    My question is: What do those 3's and 5's mean? How would the answer change if their positions were flipped?
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    Suraj M

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    3' and 5' refers to the carbon of the pentode sugar to which that particular Nitro base is attached to,
    If it's flipped the sequence would be in reverse order.
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