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Homework Help: Given points determine plane as parallel

  1. Jun 5, 2010 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Identify the plane as parallel to the xy, xz and yz plane and sketch a graph

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution
    I want to show you how I come up with these answers. Please click on the video (2 mins).

    It's a youtube link.

    After watching the video please tell me whether my method is valid.

    I will provide more example to verify:

    #1 y = -4 xz plane
    #2 z = -3 xy plane
    #3 x = 3 xz plane

    The followings are something I thought about... I don't know if the questions will support these extensions:

    <2,0,3> xz plane <0,2,3> yz plane
    <3,-2,1> xy plane

    Do you guys agree?
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  3. Jun 5, 2010 #2
    I'm not sure that I completely understand the question.

    If you fix an x coordinate, then the resulting points form a plane parallel to the yz-plane. Simlarly if you fix a y coordinate, the resulting plane is parallel to the xz-plane, etc.

    Does this help?
  4. Jun 5, 2010 #3
    Thank you mrohn1. Before I answer your question, I would like to claify something.

    Does the question (Identify.....) always supports given situations like <2,0,3>, or it only works with a fixed line such as x = 2, z = 3, y = -1.

    Thank you.
  5. Jun 5, 2010 #4
    Sorry...I'm not sure what you mean. Is <2,0,3> a point? Are you being asked what planes this point lies on?
  6. Jun 5, 2010 #5
    What I want to know is whether the same question can be apply to situation such as a vector <-1,2,1>. I believe z = -3 can be treated as vector <0,0,-3>.
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