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Glaring errors or misconceptions

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    I put up some ideas/theories on my web page and was wondering if people here could take a look at them. They're fairly far-fetched but I think people would find some of them interesting nonetheless. They're also fairly short so it shouldn't take much of your time. I wrote them for fun on my spare time, not to revolutionize physics, although it would be nice if I could eventually do that:)

    The webpage is at http://www.geocities.com/theworldetc/theories/index.html . Please let me know what you think.

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    Every article I checked contained glaring errors or misconceptions. You might consider reading QED by Richard Fynman if you wish to learn something of how true Physicists deal with light.

    As for your topics on time, consider that the earth is currently moving at near light speeds with respect to distant objects in the universe, why do we not observe the "persective in time" or the 2 dimensional effects you have dreamt up?

    According to the basic postulates of relativity you will not observe ANY differences in your frame of reference. Any obsevable dilations or contractions occur in the frame of refrence which is moving. You as the observer are always stationary.
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    Oh well. They're just for fun.

    And yes, you don't see perspective in your own frame of reference, just in others that you see. Anyway, I should have made it clear my website is just to throw ideas around, not to tell people the truth.
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