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Global Women Issues (Domestic Violence)

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    This emerged from random thoughts on a story about a victim of domestic violence:

    Human rights groups in Bangladesh have demanded a severe punishment for the husband of a young wife who allegedly cut off most of her right hand.

    I believe we never had a dedicated thread on global domestic violence. So, I am creating this thread.
    I think the questions evo asked are very interesting. It can lead to a worthwhile discussion.

    P.S. Please keep your posts short if you only want to provide opinions without any evidences or substance.
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    From random thoughts in reply to people were making modernization arguments:

    Domestic violence is present in western societies also. Just few weeks ago I posted a story about a UK guy who tried to bury alive his girlfriend. Here are some stories I found about domestic violence in western societies:
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-16038931 (this doesn't fall directly under domestic violence)
    http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/85-224-x/85-224-x2000010-eng.pdf (Canada's domestic violence statistics):
    I used to believe in modernization arguments that some societies are backwards and they will catch on with liberal practices as time passes. However, the anthro course I took called modernization an ethnocentric term. This is just a quick paper I grabbed from google:
    http://www.arts.ualberta.ca/cms/krishnan.pdf [Broken]
    My anthro course went further in claiming that globalization is doing greater harm than good. It was certainly a biased course but some of the arguments it tried to forward were really worth exploring.

    I still haven't responded to the evo's questions because I couldn't think of any answers.
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    Good thread idea. I have quite a few articles of violence against women that are widespread in the non-western world that seem to be widely accepted there. I don't have time to dig them up tonight, but will tomorrow.

    Just to throw some of the topics out that I will posting, women being lashed and jailed for wearing pants in the Sudan, young girls murdered by their family for being raped in the Middle East, women stoned to death for adultery, the male set free in Afghanistan, sexual mutilation, Saudi Arabian women not allowed to drive because it will make them "promiscuous". Forty million girls missing in India, young girls in India burned alive in a pit by villagers. Woman beheaded in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia Dec 12th for withcraft. These things have all been in the news this past year.
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    I view it as a human rights issue essentially no different from any other human rights issue. Take away a woman's right to earn a living and you might as well shoot her in the head or lock her up in chains. Its exploitation and whether you kill someone by beating them to death or starving them they end up dead either way.

    In the US women in urban areas tend to look for potential mates with money. Their environment demands money for raising a family and the US is the wealthiest country in the world, but a little over a century ago women weren't even allowed to own property and today they make about 86% of what men do for the same work. At that its a huge improvement over just fifty years ago when they made about 60% and there wasn't a single shelter for battered women in the entire country. Address the economic inequalities and a lot of the violence decreases but, if anything, economic equality is taking a nose dive in the US and worldwide.

    People can get all high and mighty and jump on that stump ranting and raving about morality, but the Bible Belt in the US has the highest rates of abortion, STDs, divorce, homicide, etc. Its pretty obvious that there comes a point when words alone do not suffice and direct action must be taken. Sweeping action that doesn't just address the symptoms, but deals with the real problems comprehensively and in fundamental ways.
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    That's pretty disgusting.

    Well jolly good for them.

    Ok, I'll reproduce my reply to Evo from another other thread.

    My guess would be that it's for essentially the same reason(s) that men here thought the same way, for the most part, until fairly recently. Now, it seems, only a minority of Western men think that way, and Western laws now generally reflect the evolution from medieval (even primeval) thinking and social mores to the current state of affairs in the West.

    This is a question for the social sciences forums, however, a quick guess might trace it to the fact that the males of our species are (and, afaik, have always been), generally, larger and more physically powerful than the females. And the assertion of male dominance connected with that accident of birth seems to be, to a certain extent, encoded in the primary organized religions of today -- two of which seem to have changed a bit to fit the times (Christianity and Judaism), and one which seems to be lagging somewhat behind (Islam).

    Increased appreciation for the ideal of equality of justice -- primarily via globalization and increased communication via the internet, imo. Also, the realization, by many males, that intellectual and emotional strength are at least as important as physical strength, and that males don't have the biological 'near monopoly' on ascendancy wrt those qualities that they do wrt physical size and strength.

    Men are, and, afaik always been, generally bigger and stronger (physically) than women. Because of this fact men have, historically, bullied and subjugated women. Is there some big mystery about this? I don't think so.

    I've been a bully, and I've been bullied. And through it all, I've come to despise bullies and will be forever ashamed of the times when I've been a bully.

    The medieval practice of the religious and social sanctioning of the bullying and subjugation of women is one of the reasons why I find the major organized religions, and especially Islam, to be repugnant and contrary to the ideals of freedom, justice and equality.
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    This is exactly why I would not make a good policeman. If I received a call for a wife beater or a child molester I would shoot them. Sorry to be so blunt, I feel very strongly on this subject.
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    People who have to deal with this stuff have to be incredibly mentally strong. I think this is even truer of people who work with (physically/mentally/sexually) abused children.
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    On another note, I recently saw a video get posted of a woman who was stoned to death - yes, the video showed her die. I didn't watch it. In the first two seconds you see her (covered in blue garbs) and men talking in the background. I got sick and had to shut it off before the first stone was thrown.
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    The unfortunate thing is that human injustice in its many forms happens every single day around the world all the time.

    It interesting because one poster above brought up the concept of globalization. In the process of so called free trade, many people end up buying products that are built on the blood and sweat of slave labor, yet in this case, they either a) don't care or b) just avoid the issue.

    I think the best thing we can do is to set an example ourselves in our own lives. We can't save the world, but we can live a good life and encourage those around us to do the same. For change to happen it has to start with ourselves before it can spread elsewhere.

    In terms of injustices in places where the geography, culture, and values are foreign to ours, it helps to try and understand these things and often doing so requires us to suspend our emotional reactions and disbelief that these people are just bad in nature.

    I don't condone anything like this, but I think its important to be aware of the context surrounding what goes on.
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    Another case:
    http://news.yahoo.com/afghan-girl-locked-toilet-5-months-officials-165016469.html [Broken]

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