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Going back to graduate school after 3 years, any advice?

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    Hi there,

    I am planning on going back to graduate school to get a PhD in Physics. I plan on applying during the fall of next year, and then going back the year after. However, I still need letters of recommendations, and its already been a while since I've last communicated with any of my former professors (I graduated about a year and a half ago). On the other hand, I do work a full time job. So I'm wondering if it would be ok to have my employers send letters of recommendations.

    I've already taken the GRE's, I scored a 90 percentile on the Physics subject test. Is this score good enough? I believe that they are good for 5 years, correct?

    I also have research experience, but that was a while ago while I was still in school. I don't know if they would remember me after a few years...
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    Vanadium 50

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    Letters from your employer are OK, but worthless. Unless they have PhD's in physics themselves, they will not have a clue as to whether you are suited for a graduate program or not, and their letters will be weighted accordingly.
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