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Going to graduate school for a non-physics major

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    I have decided that I do not want to go to grad school for physics. I am a junior, so it is too late to change majors, so I want to get the BS then go to grad school for forensic science (no, I am not following the CSI fad, etc...I am really interested in the field). I was wondering if this is feasible, and what I should do now and what I should prepare for if I want this to happen. Also, does anyone know if I'd be able to get some sort of deal like physics students do where grad school is essentially paid for if you take up a TA or research job?
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    Come on, anyone?
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    Maybe we don't have anybody here who knows anything about criminal forensics. :uhh:

    Unfortunately I don't have any idea about better places to ask.
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    Yeah, even with the CSI fad, there's still very few people in the field, and you probably won't get much feedback here. Does your school have a forensic science department? If so, I'd recommend that you call them up and meet with someone in their department (preferably an advisor).
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