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Going to Hungary or Czech Republic for pure math study

  1. Oct 5, 2009 #1
    I heard a lot of great things about the quality of math education in Eastern Bloc countries. Also, a lot of those first place winners in the International Mathematics Competition for University Students is from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Czech, etc. So I am thinking of going there next year to take undergraduate course in pure mathematics.

    Should I really go there or I can experience the same standard if I go to the UK/USA instead? I scouted two institutions so far which is Lorant Eotvos University and Masaryk University BTW.
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    I am currently studying at Masaryk university (astrophysics undergrad) and in my opinion the math there is on a higher level than in US/UK unies (judging from the online material and lecture videos). Its a good university but I think you should check out Charles University in Prague. The standard is definitely high there and most people do not make it through their first year. But if you are serious then it will pay off. I do not know anything about Hungarian universities though.
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    @alseth: I guess at the bachelor's level most courses will not be in English. Is it doable for a foreign student who doesn't speak the language? What about master courses?
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    Well, there are some courses in English that I know of (masters mainly) but I have no idea about the possibilities for non-Czech/non-Slovak speakers to study here so I really cant tell you anything. I can find out if you want though.
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    Sorry to be off-topic, but do you have a link to math videos from UK universities? Or any university math videos in English from Europe?
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    There are a few lectures here and there conducted in English but the course as a whole is in Czech for math. That's why I said I am going there next year because I need the time to learn the language.

    It's quite strange though, searching through this forum many people describe Hungary as a "powerhouse" of mathematics and yet no one has actually been to that place.
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    I was in Hungary many times. But not for math :smile:
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    Thanks, but it was more a question out of curiosity, I'm not really considering studying there. Here [the Netherlands] most master programmes in the natural sciences are taught in English entirely.
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    great university in russia, producing numerous fields medalists. would love to study there personally. but i cant speak russian.
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