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Good characteristics

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    What are the characteristics of a good technological device or product or invention?
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    It depends on the point of view....

    1. To an investor, a good product makes then wealthy
    2. To a user of a niche market product, it satisfies their needs exceedingly well
    3. To a repairman, its serviceable
    4. To the world, its ecological
    5. To an assembler, its easy and quick to build

    In most cases... their is a huge conflict between those goals. For the large entity, #1 is primary, followed by #5. 3 and 4 get thrown out the window, and usually #2 needs to be adequate enough to make #1 happen.

    In the garage shop, often times 2,3, and 4 occur, and hopefully #1 is good enough to keep the doors open. #5 is often disregarded as the owner deals with it.

    As an organization grows, these characteristics move around quite a bit.

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