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Good days

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    Ivan Seeking

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    What are the little things that make you happy?

    I just realized one for me that seems funny to a former city kid: The day our pasture gets mowed is one of the better days of the year. The grass grows to four and five feet tall here, and as the spring progresses, the field sort of closes-in on my office. I don't really notice it so much until the grass is down, but the mowing makes it feels like out place gets about ten times bigger. And then there is the relief from grass allergies. This marks the beginning of the end of the allergy season for me. Yay!

    But perhaps my favorite little thing is life is waking up to a hot cup of coffee - ready to go before I even open my eyes.
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    Today I woke up sleeping in my bed with shorts on. The windows in my bedroom were open and the weather was to-die-for when I woke up. It felt so damn good in those bed sheets I didnt want to get up! And you could hear the birds chirping outside (I woke up at 11:30).

    PS, that Tsu sounds like a might fine woman to make you coffee like that, or that must be oneee smart kitten you guys got! :approve:
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    Probably talking to my friends (one in particular), playing music (lately on my mandolin, as its my only instrument for now). Not much else that I can think of now.
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    Dreaming. I dream often and I dream a lot and waking up with the last vestiges of a nice dream still filtering away into oblivion is a brilliant start to my day. Has an amazing feel-good effect on me.
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    - Putting my hand in my pocket and finding 20 bucks that I forgot I put there 3 months ago.
    - Waking up next to my beautiful girlfriend when she doesn't have to get up and watching the little expressions on her face as her dreams cross over from subconscious to physical interpretation.
    - Listening to a bunch of people talking about something and actually knowing what they are on about, and further more, finding out that you are actually the most knowledgable on the subject and are able to share that knowledge with people so willing to learn. I think that's why my gf became a teacher, to be able to share knowledge. I became an engineer because I like the knowing the knowledge part.
    - The guy that races up your @$$ on the highway and then overtakes you in a flash of glorious moronity and then realising that the flash was actually him getting a lovely new speeding fine to add to his obviously growing collection. I hope he has one of those jackets that has all the secret money in it :wink:
    - Waking up late for work, rushing around the room for 2 minutes to get ready and then realising that it's Sunday or a pulic holiday.
    - When you get the wrong order at a restuarant and it's actually much better than what you ordered in the first place.
    - Sucking the candy layer off of an m&m and then crunching through the melting chocolate and peanut. mmmmm

    I'm a pretty happy guy, the little things definitely make my life worth living :biggrin:
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    Waking up on this side of the grass.

    I'm easy to please.
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    -Getting things done that seem really hard to do
    -Making other people happy (see 3rd one)
    -Loving someone and spending everything, you can, on them :smile:
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    I was also wondering how I might train the cat to have my coffee ready for me when I wake up in the morning. :biggrin:

    Ooh, that's always a really nice one.

    :devil: Yep, love that feeling when someone is recklessly weaving through traffic, riding on everyone's tails as they want to drive 80 mph in traffic going 45 mph (at best), and then passing them pulled over by a cop...always makes me smile.

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