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Linear Algebra Good intro for linear algebra

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    Hello PF,
    I have just finished my first semester in college and did Calc. 3. Now for the spring semester i have to take differential equations and i have been given the advice that linear algebra comes in handy when dealing with DEs. So can anyone recommend a good introduction for linear algebra as i have a vacation of 30 days between the 2 semesters.
    Thanks you.
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    It covers a good basis and all that is needed for most applications. I have an old hardcover with above 400 pages and don't know exactly what's in the paperback, but I'm sure the important subjects are all covered. To answer the question about "advanced material" it would be necessary to know in which advanced direction? Advanced could be pretty far. In any case it will make you capable to read and to easier understand the "advanced stuff".
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    i think that this is more than enough thank you very much for the recommendation.
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    Dr Transport

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    Schaum's outline, cheap and fairly comprehensive
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    Anton's Linear Algebra book is a good recommendation. Not to hard, and not to easy.
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