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Grade 12 Physics book for practice questions.

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    I have started to take a correspondence grade 12 physics course from www.ilc.org (affiliated with Toronto District School Board).

    After my first two weeks of working through the course I have covered Kinematics as well as Motion in Two Dimensions- Projectile Motion. My findings so far have been that practice materials in the textbook provided have been very light. The way that this course is graded is through a series of 'key questions.' Unfortunately, as I am solving these key questions (especially the ones that are math related) I am not very confident in my ability to get them right. I think that if I was able to solve more practice questions I would become more confident when solving the key questions, as well as gain a more lasting knowledge of the materials covered.

    So in this light I would like to find a book that has lots of practice questions and full solutions (very important) for the material covered in this course. I was hoping that I could get some advice on that matter from this forum.

    Topics covered in the course include:

    Motion in Two Dimensions- Projectile Motion
    Dynamics: Newtons Laws- Force and Motion
    Circular Motion

    Energy and its Forms
    Simple Harmonic Motion
    Momentum in One and Two Dimensions
    Gravitation and Gravitational Fields

    Electric Fields, Potential, and Current
    Applications of Electromagnetism

    Properties of Waves
    The Nature of Light
    The Electromagnetic Spectrum
    Applications of the properties of Light

    Special Theory of Relativity
    Early Quantum Mechanics
    Nuclear Reactions and their applications
    Elementary Particles

    To give an example of the difficulty level of material covered in the unit that I am working on now, i will post the set of 'key questions' that I will be graded on.

    1. A bird takes 8.5s to fly from position A to position B along the path shown in figure 2.17. (Figure 2.17 shows a curve with the instantaneous velocity of the bird at point A and point B) Determine the bird's average acceleration.

    2. A child throws a snowball with a horizontal velocity of 18 m/s directly towards a tree, from a distance of 9.0m and a height above the ground of 1.5m.
    a) after what interval does the snowball hit the tree?
    b)At what height above the ground will the snowball hit the tree?
    c)Determine the snowball's velocity as it strikes the tree.

    3. In it's final trip upstream to its spawning territory a salmon jumps to the top of a waterfall at 1.9m high. What is the minimum vertical velocity needed by the salmon to reach the top of the waterfall?

    4. A swimmer set out from the shores of New York and maintained a velocity of 4 m/s [N]. As the swimmer approached the ontario shore, she encountered a cross-current of 2 m/s (E25S). Calculate her velocity with respect to the crowd observing from the beach.

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    hi there brian! I was wondering if you have the answers to these questions! i am currently enrolled in ILC and i have to finish this course by april to get admission in SEPTEMBER.
    Any help will be appreciated
    thanks a lot
    u can respond here or here is my email majid.munir@hotmail.com
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