What is Grade 12 physics: Definition and 62 Discussions

Twelfth grade, senior year, or grade 12 is the final year of secondary school in most of North America. In other regions, it may also be referred to as class 12 or Year 13. In most countries, students are usually the ages of 17 and 18 years old. Some countries have a thirteenth grade, while other countries do not have a 12th grade/year at all. Twelfth grade is typically the last year of high school (graduation year).

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  1. Mjusttheletter

    How to Solve a 100m Dash Kinematics Problem with Unknown Acceleration?

    So what I have done is that on question 7 I know he is accelerating to constant my knowns are that it is from initial and acceleration is given so I have that for my first phase the second phase is that Your vfinal is your new initial for it and acceleration is the constant but you don't know...
  2. D

    Is Fgy the Same as FN in a System with Two Masses and Friction?

    I am just confused on how to find the normal force/ FN of the first object. My classmates are saying Fgy is the exact same as Fn but I don’t get why Fgy= Fg sin theta Fgy= (20)(9.81) (sin35) Fgy= 112.5 Fgy = FN
  3. hobbes1235

    [Grade 12 Physics] Gravitational/circular motion #2

    Diagram for question 2: Please check if my work is correct. Main equation: Fc = Fg - Fn Fn = Fg - Fc I assume that: Fn = Fg when stationary Fg = mg I divide by 5 because the apparent weight must be one fifth of her weight when stationary Fg = mg / 5 Fn = Fg Fn = mg / 5 Now to substitute...
  4. hobbes1235

    [Grade 12 Physics] Circular/gravitational motion

    Diagram for question 1: I know the mass, I need Fg. My work: Main equation: g = Fg/m I need to find Fg. Fg= Fc - Fn [Fn = 21 N Fc = ?] {I need to find Fc.} Fc = ma --> Fc = (mV^2)/ r [Mass = 1.3kg V = ? r = 0.70] {Now I need the velocity at that point where Fn = 21 N (the top of the...
  5. CheatCod

    Help with a grade 12 physics project — small recoil powered car

    Summary:: We have to make a car which -Has to have a trigger mechanism -after 5s the car launches a projectile backwards to push the car forwards at least 6m -NO ELECTRICITY ALLOWED, no motor, timer, etc -weight limit of 1kg Here it goes, we have to create a car powered solely by gravitational...
  6. F

    Kinetic Energy Needed for Proton Acceleration

    Homework Statement a) Calculate the kinetic energy required to accelerate a single proton from a rest position to 0.9999c. The mass of a proton is 1.67*10^-27 kg. b) Find the ratio of the kinetic energy to the energy of a proton at rest. c) Explain why no particle accelerator will ever be able...
  7. David John

    Forces Grade 12 Physics Question

    Homework Statement At a construction site, a small crane is raising two boxes of nails on a plank to the roof. One box has already been opened and is half full, while the other box is new. The boxes, including the nails, weigh 10 kg and 20 kg, respectively, and are both the same size. c) If...
  8. David John

    Coulomb's Law Grade 12 Question -- Net Electric Field affecting a Charge

    Homework Statement Examine the charge distribution shown. b) What is the net electric field acting on charge 1? Homework Equations I used the equation E= (kq1/r^2) + (kq2/r^2) The Attempt at a Solution I subbed 9.0 x 10^9 in for k, 3.0 x 10^-5 for both q1 and q2, and 2m for r. My final answer...
  9. F

    Predicting Changes in Interference Patterns using Laser Interference Equations

    Homework Statement Imagine that you are conducting an activity with a laser to create an interference pattern. Use the appropriate equations to predict two ways (other than the way described in the following example) to change the interference pattern in order to have closer fringes. Explain...
  10. Specter

    Circular motion grade 12 physics

    Homework Statement Keys with a combined mass of 0.100 kg are attached to a 0.25 m long string and swung in a circle in the verical plane. a) What is the slowest speed that the keys can swing and still maintain a circular path? b) What is the tension in the string at the bottom of the circle...
  11. A

    Significant Digits for Uncertainty Values

    Homework Statement Question on worksheet: What is the random uncertainty in this set of measurements? Use the instrumental uncertainty to limit the number of digits in your random uncertainty result. Data for dropping a pencil from a height of one meter using a stopwatch that measures to the...
  12. C

    Kinematics physics lab help sources of error

    1. The problem statement of my lab I have this physics lab where I have to find the maximum velocity and maximum acceleration of a high school student sprinting/running using carbon tape and a spark timer. Which I already did. Now I'm having trouble developing my sources of error section. I hope...
  13. H

    Coulomb's Law in Two Dimensions

    Homework Statement Three charges, q1, q2, and q3, lie in a plane, as shown below. Find the net force on charge q2 (please refer to attachment for diagram) Homework Equations F= k x q1q2/R^2, knowledge of trig functions and separating x and y components The Attempt at a Solution So I found the...
  14. EmilyBergendahl

    The Diffraction Grating (Grade 12 Physics)

    Homework Statement Do the maxima created by a diffraction grating all have the same intensity? Explain. Homework Equations mλ = wsinθ (?) The Attempt at a Solution According to the back of my textbook (Nelson Physics 12), the answer is no. I believe the answer may have to do with the fact...
  15. EmilyBergendahl

    Work and the Frictional Force (Grade 12 Physics)

    Homework Statement A boy does 465 J of work pulling an empty wagon along level ground with a force of 111 N [31° below the horizontal]. A frictional force of 155 N opposes the motion and is actually slowing the wagon down from an initial high velocity. The distance the wagon travels is _____...
  16. B

    Grade 12 Physics: How hard is it?

    Hi, I was wondering how hard grade 12 physics might be for someone who took grade 11 physics in summer school. I'm afraid that I won't do well in grade 12(the class starts in a few days) because I did grade 11 physics in the summer and we rushed through a lot of units like energy and electricity...
  17. angryzeena

    Mother of a grade 12 physics student

    We are looking for help with grade 12 physics - starting with tension problems
  18. B

    Grade 12 physics projectile concept question

    I had a physics lab that is introducing Potential and Kinetic energy into are unit on projectiles. The first question was solve for the impact speed of a projectile launched horizontally at a 13m/s, this impact speed is -14.36m/s. The next question was find the impact speed of the same...
  19. S

    A grade 12 physics dynamics problem

    Homework Statement A boy drags his 80 n sled at a constant speed up a 15 degree hill. He does so by pulling with a 35 n force on a rope attached to a sled. If the rope is inclined at 35 degrees to the horizontal, what is the coefficient of kinetic friction between snow and sled At the top of...
  20. M

    [Grade 12 Physics] Vector addition/Mechanics

    Homework Statement "An electron moves at 24.8m/s (N37.5E) and undergoes a constant 103m/s2 (E37.5S) acceleration for 3.02s what is the displacement? Homework Equations 0.5at^2 = d d= vt The Attempt at a Solution I calculated the displacements to be 74.896m (N37.5E) and 469.7006m (E37.5S)...
  21. M

    Kinematics Problem: Finding Initial Velocity of a Basketball Thrown at an Angle

    Hey, so I've been having some problems with Kinematics in reviewing for my finals next week! One question in particular I need help with, because I don't know how to solve it, and I am very bad at conveying my solutions on tests. Can anyone give me a hand? The question is : a basketball...
  22. S

    Grade 12 Physics - Circular Motion - Universal Gravitation

    Homework Statement This question is from the Nelson Grade 12 Physics textbook. The force of attraction between masses m1 and m2 is 26N in magnitude. What will the magnitude of the force become if m2 is tripled, and the distance between m2 and m1 is halved? Homework Equations...
  23. P

    Grade 12 Physics: Banked Roads and Friction Analysis

    Grade 12 physics help please! Homework Statement 2. A car is traveling along the QEW. It leaves the highway on a turn that has a radius of 90.0m. a. If the coefficient of maximum static friction between the tires and the road is 0.89, and typical speeds are 100km/h, what is the minimum angle...
  24. S

    Ten Kinematic Problems Grade 12 Physics

    Homework Statement See attachment, it is the question sheet. Homework Equations vf^2=vi^2+2ad d=vit+1/2at^2 vf=vi+at d=vit-1/2at^2 d=vavt The Attempt at a Solution 1. An object such as a ball let go by a person's hand falling vertically downward toward Earth has a velocity and...
  25. J

    Grade 12 Physics, Coefficient of Friction

    Homework Statement Derivation of an equation for the coefficient of kinetic friction *Since it's just a derivation, values won't be required, right? *No mass was given Homework Equations Ff = μFN FN = FgCosθ Fnet= Fapp - Ff - FgSinθ <- Not sure about this. The Attempt at a...
  26. A

    How Do You Calculate the Third Maximum Position in Single Slit Diffraction?

    A single slit is illuminated with a helium-neon laser whose wavelength is 633 nm. If the slit width is 2.2 x 10 e-5 m, calculate the position of the third maximum in degrees 2. Homework Equations Sin Theta(m) = (m + 0.5) Lambda/w 3. The Attempt at a Solution Sin Theta(3) = (3 +...
  27. B

    SPH4U University Grade 12 Physics - Coulomb's Law?

    Homework Statement SPH4U University Grade 12 Physics - Coulomb's Law? I have to determine the answer using Coulomb's Law. Please help me figure out how to do this ! Three point charges, q₁= -5.00 μC, q₂= -4.00 μC, and q₃ which is negative are arranged as shown on three corner of side...
  28. J

    Finding Applied Force with Free Body Diagrams (Grade 12 Physics)

    Homework Statement You have a 10kg object that is thrown down a building. The distance from the ground to the building is 50m. The initial velocity of the object is 5 m/s. What is the applied force and what force does the object hit the ground with? Homework Equations Fapp= Fnet+Fg...
  29. T

    How Do You Calculate the Sun's Mass Using Mars' Orbital Data?

    Mars travels around the Sun in 1.68 Earth years in an approximately circular orbit with a radius of 2.18 x 10^8 km. Determine the mass of the Sun. Fairly easy, I know most of how to do it but I keep getting wrong answers. Help me out a bit? Thanks!
  30. G

    Grade 12 Physics - Equations relating current and radius of a beam

    Homework Statement Okay, the assignment involves electron beams of various voltages, currents, and radii Basically, the situation is, several of these beams were measured for the aforesaid values. The values as follow are in the following order - Voltage (J/c) - Current in Helmholtz Coils (A) -...
  31. L

    How difficult: First year calculus-based physics without Grade 12 physics?

    Hey everyone, I am going to McGill University in the fall, and I want to major in Physical Chemistry second year. However,I didn't take physics in high school because... well, when I was 16 years old and out of Grade 10, I didn't know what I wanted to do for a living, and not taking physics...
  32. G

    Design Physics Experiment with Matches: Help Needed

    So I have to design any physics experiment using Box of Matches. Can anyone help me out ?
  33. G

    Grade 12 Physics Lab (Material = Box of Matches)

    This is Grade 12 Physics lab assigned to me : Bonus: Performing the lab+making a conclusion to answer the research question. I thought whole day but can't think of any research question with box of matches. Could anyone please help me out with this?
  34. A

    Magnetic Field Question. Grade 12 Physics.

    Look at picture attached I need help with part A Homework Statement B=0 I = 10 A Distance from Wire A to C is 0.05 m Distance from Wire I to C is 0.15 m I of wire i= ? Homework Equations B= U ( I / 2pi r ) The Attempt at a Solution Ok so from Wire A to C B1 = U (I...
  35. O

    Any ideas for grade 12 Physics project?

    I have this so called in class physics fair and its pretty much a project. But I'm having trouble thinking of a topic that is not of the common ones other people have done. Of course it has to be related to the grade 12 physics course and be within a small range budget? The grade 12 course...
  36. X

    Circular motion, grade 12 physics

    Problem: A 78.5kg man is about tocompletea bungee jump. If the bungee cord has a spring constant of 150 N/m, determine the period of oscillation that we will experience. m= 78.5 Kg k= 150 N/m T=? Relevant equations: T= 2(pi)√(m/k) The attempt at a solution T= 2(pi)√(78.5kg/150...
  37. B

    Grade 12 Physics book for practice questions.

    Hello! I have started to take a correspondence grade 12 physics course from www.ilc.org (affiliated with Toronto District School Board). After my first two weeks of working through the course I have covered Kinematics as well as Motion in Two Dimensions- Projectile Motion. My findings so...
  38. S

    Question that neither my teacher nor tutor could do (Grade 12 Physics)

    Homework Statement http://i.imgur.com/7DzVr.pngHomework Equations Kinematics Equations: Vf = Vi + at Δy = Vi(t) + 1/2 * a * t^2 Vf^2 = Vi^2 + 2aΔy Δy = (Vi + Vf)/2 * tThe Attempt at a Solution My teacher and tutor don't know how to do this and some strangers told me that I had to measure the...
  39. C

    Confused about Grade 12 Physics Questions? Get Help Here!

    I know I know. This question must be uber easy in the eyes of you genius'. But the truth is - I'm taking grade 12 physics when I practically failed grade 11(well, I got 51...I wasn't trying, I swear!) so getting some of the concepts can get very confusing...and frustrating! Nonetheless, I need...
  40. M

    Finding Final Velocity of Cart in Grade 12 Physics Problem

    Homework Statement 2 men with mass of 100kg each, are on a stationary cart with mass of 300 kg. The cart has no friction withthe tracks. The cart can only go north and south. 1st man starts runnin at speed of 5 m/s(reletive to cart) towards north and jumps off the cart. Otherman runs with...
  41. M

    How Long Must the Barge Be for a Safe Plane Landing?

    1. A 1000 kg plane is trying to make a forced landing on the deck of a large 2000 kg barge at rest on the surface of a calm sea. The only frictional force to consider is between plane's wheels and the deck, and this braking force is constant and equal to one-quarter of the plane's weight...
  42. A

    Im Despret. Grade 12 Physics Question. PLEASE HELP

    Hello, I am new. I am soo despret. I want to become an Architect but I'm dumb. I aws doing fine getting 84% in physics university 11, but now, I am taking physics 12 university and I don't get the answers right 65% of the time. I am so despret for help. My parents cannot afford to get me a...
  43. A

    Gravatational Field Strength problem (Grade 12 physics)

    Homework Statement The gravitational field strength of an unknown planet is 15.5 N/kg on its surface. Calculate the value of “g” if the planets mass and radius were both doubled. Hint: Use variation. Homework Equations g= GM /R2 The Attempt at a Solution Well my teacher gave a...
  44. I

    Grade 12 Physics, centripetal force and projectile motion

    Hello Physics Forum, I am new member and this is my first Thread. :smile: While onto the problem. I have been stuck on this particular for well over a week. I do not get the excat answer and to me my solution seems logically. Homework Statement An Australian bushman hunts kangaroos with a...
  45. J

    How Do You Calculate the Physics of a Race Car on a Banked Curve?

    Physics SPH4U-A Lesson 4 Question #15 A race-car driver is driving her car at a record-breaking speed of 225km/h. The first turn on the course is banked at 15 degrees, and the car's mass is 1450kg. a) Calculate the radius of the curvature for this turn. b) Calculate the centripetal...
  46. C

    Grade 12 Physics - Motion/acceleration.

    Homework Statement A rock is shot straight up from a slingshot with an initial speed of 30 m/s. When it's exactly halfway to the top of its flight, a second rock is shot straight up from the same spot. The second rock reaches the first rock just as the first rock reaches its apex (highest...
  47. S

    Grade 12 Physics Bomb explosion

    Question: A bomb explodes and 3 pieces are flying in different directions. Piece 1 : weighs 2kg and is traveling at the North East direction Piece 2 : weighs 1kg and is traveling in the south direction ( exactly downards ) Piece 3 : weighs 3 kg and is traveling in the west direction (...
  48. R

    Anyone Taking Grade 12 Physics Through Ilc Or Has Taken In Past?help Needed

    Anyone Taking Grade 12 Physics Through Ilc Or Has Taken In Past??help Needed Anyone taking grade 12 physics through ilc?. Need help understanding keyquestions that i got wrong. My exam is coming up.:(...
  49. N

    Building a Slingshot in a 1m Cube - Grade 12 Physics Project

    Well... I am in grade 12 Physics and we were asked to make a Slingshot to fit within a 1 meter cube. If anyone has any ideas or know any websites with plans to making one.. it will be very helpful Thank you.