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Other Graduate Research topic involving QFT and General Relativity

  1. Jan 21, 2017 #1
    Last year I finished the undergraduate course in Mathematical Physics. This year, more precisely in March, I'm going to start the graduate course to acquire a master's degree in Physics.

    Now, for this course I must choose a research topic and find an advisor. This is being a little bit complicated, because I don't have a much precise idea of the research topic. And certainly this influences the choice of the advisor, after all, I can't expect to get a research done in General Relativity if the advisor just works with thermodynamics for example and has no interest in General Relativity.

    I just have one rough idea of what I would like to work with. Indeed, I would like to work both with QFT, more precisely the Standard Model, and General Relativity. I thought perhaps on something involving black holes, but I don't have much idea.

    Indeed, picking the research topic and the advisor is being somewhat a little difficult. And of course I'm being careful with this, because after all, this will be a 2 year research which will grant me a master's degree, so it must be really something I find worth the job, and with a good advisor.

    What would be some research topics involving QFT, the Standard Model and General Relativity? I'm interested really in some Physics research topic, not something related to the study of the mathematical structure of the theory.

    And then how should I pick the advisor? I mean, what should be his research area like to be a good advisor for something like this?
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    To repeat a bit what you yourself have said, it would be a waste of time for any of us to suggest topics for you to do if you can't find the faculty member to supervise the work.

    Ask around with other students to figure out which professor is doing what. Then make a short list of faculty members that you might want to talk to. Then, make appointments to talk to each of them, telling that explicitly that you are trying to figure out what possible topics that you might be able to work with them.

    This is a 2-way street. BOTH parties must be in sync and agree to it. It is why a face-to-face discussion is necessary. After all, you also need to figure out if you both a compatible and can get along. Read this:


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    Use your University's website, navigate through your potential advisor's research interests untill you find somethink you like. There is no other way we can help you. As ZapperZ said above, it is a waste of time to suggest various topics without knowing the research done in your department.
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    Meir Achuz

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    QFT and GR Research is PhD level. A Masters degree is just to get you ready to do that.
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