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Woodwell Climate Research Center, formerly known as the Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC) until August 2020, is a scientific research organization that studies climate change impacts and solutions. The International Center for Climate Governance named WHRC the world's top climate change think tank for 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.Woodwell conducts research on the causes and impacts of climate change throughout the tropics, the Arctic, and North America. The Center designs all of its work to inform policy or answer policy questions and is composed of six core units: Arctic, Carbon, Risk, Tropics, Water, and Impact.

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  1. A

    Advice for students who want to start research in Civil Engineering

    Summary:: I'm a Physics instructor (no formal Engineering training) in a private college. As part of my job I had to teach Statics and Mechanics of Materials. They now formed a student group to start activities looking to do research and they wanted me as advisor. Hello guys. So basically I...
  2. Hawkingo

    I Want some suggestions for research papers on quantum entanglement

    I want to know more about quantum entanglement and I am a undergrad student in physics.Can someone suggest some research journals or articles to easily understand the concept deeply?
  3. E

    Other Changing my field mid-project

    I am about a month off of starting my Honors year at university (essentially an extra undergrad year aimed at getting students ready for research) and since I was very eager to get into research, I went around my department 6 months ago asking for a supervisor and found a project joint by 2...
  4. L

    Studying Research topic related to extended bodies on GR

    I'm in a graduate course in Physics to obtain a master's degree. I have a major in mathematical physics and my main interests are General Relativity (GR), Quantum Field Theory on Curved Spacetimes (QFTCS), and usual Quantum Field Theory (QFT) itself. My interest is in the fundamental physics...
  5. L

    Other Graduate Research topic involving QFT and General Relativity

    Last year I finished the undergraduate course in Mathematical Physics. This year, more precisely in March, I'm going to start the graduate course to acquire a master's degree in Physics. Now, for this course I must choose a research topic and find an advisor. This is being a little bit...
  6. Rod Alexei

    Schools Research Topic for Science High School Freshman in Physics

    I am having trouble creating new ideas for a physics research paper. My group has three members and we are all interested in generators that run on renewable energy. Unfortunately, we haven't found a topic yet, and the deadline is looming. We don't have a research adviser as well because to get...
  7. luke179

    Physics Changing from humanities to physics -- help needed

    Hello all. This is my first thread. I am 23y/o male. After my high school I wanted to go for physics but due to family pressure I went for marine engineering but bailed out after two years as I find it boring and unappealing. After that I tried two and half year for a government job but lost...
  8. yeshuamo

    How to walk my PI through a paper

    I'm an undergraduate involved in a research project. My advisor is a faculty member who has requested that I walk him and our postdoc collaborator through a paper that is relevant to our project; it's a 24-page in-depth journal article. I made an attempt at walking them through a shorter...
  9. Vannay

    Ideal advisor wary of my lack of knowledge in biochem....

    I'm in a physics graduate program shopping around for research advisors and I met with my number one pick today. He works with biological systems using calorimetry and other lab methods a biologist would know. He saw my enthusiasm and liked it but was wary about my lack of biochem knowledge. He...