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Graphical Velocity Determination

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    Below is the first in a series of questions that build on one another; however I cannot solve this initial one. Any help is appreciated.

    A physics student on Planet Exidor throws a ball, and it follows the parabolic trajectory shown. The ball's position is shown at 1.00 s intervals until t=3.00 s. At t=1.00 s, the ball's velocity is v=(1.95i+2.32j) m/s. Determine the ball's velocity at t=0.00 s. (Enter your answer in component form. Input the x-component first, followed by the y-component.)

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    what have you done so far? any quess or attempts you have tried?
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    I've been thinking it over for some time. I can't get anywhere with it. I've done nothing.
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    look at your kinematic equations and remember acceleration due to gravity is only in the y direction.
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