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Gravitomagnetism and quantum theory of gravity?

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    I was reading this:


    and apparently it seems that Martin Tajmar seem to have made a significant step towards the long sought quantum theory of gravity. and at the same time he proven wrong some aspect about general relativity. althought he hasent got a lot of support from the scientific comunity.

    what are your thoughts about it?
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    This reminded me of the Podkletnov's experiment, but in fact the Wikipedia page of him says

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    If this is the experiment I'm thinking of, a replication was attempted which failed. Which makes the whole affair rather doubtful.
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    If you are not fully sure, then there is a non-zero probability, that you were thinking about the Podkletnov's experiment, which, according to all possible information sources, has failed repeatability.

    I have nothing else to say to the OP, than that I'm interested in getting any reliable information about the Tajmar's experiment too.
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    unfortunately I havent found a lot of updated info about it, but here there is another article about it:
    http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg19225771.800" [Broken]
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    I'm quite sure that what I was thinking about was not the Podklentov experiment. I also recall that the experiment was in Australia, and that I posted some fairly detailed information about the replication attempt here on PF.

    So let us see. assuming that it is the same, then Tajmar should be a good keyword, so...


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